It is always aesthetic to educate Nigeria youth about leadership and right leadership mindset. ” according to Plato he stated that knowledge is the turning of ones soul to the proper light,and as we all know that knowledge is a virtue and the vice is ignorance,
I will boldly say that the major problem we are facing today in Nigeria is that youths and even our so called political leaders are not well educated about the right and sustainable leadership style.

According to the non-benevolent past president of Nigeria in person of goodluck Jonathan he said in one of his open speech that his age mate and above which is the age bracket of (50)and above has failed the country”Nigeria” in the course of organising a good and well structured government for the people, if no one will, I will attest to this word as the bitter truth.

Let us analyse nigeria government and politics from the inception till now, in 1960 Tafawa balewa became the first prime minister of the country which was obviouse that he was still in his youthful ages, let also look at the likes of yakubu gowon and olusegun obasanjo in his first reign as the head of state and even our current president Mohammed buhari and others, they all assume power in their youthful ages. All that I have mentioned have failed not withstanding the fact that they all assume power when there were youth, they all went into politics with the wrong perspective they all strive hard and acquire power just to *”make a living and not to make a difference”* most of them don’t even have business of their own but after gaining political office became the richest in the society we don’t need to ask were the money is from because we know they have tampered with the national treasures.

The mindset of our early leaders and nationalist is complete *capitalism*, all they want is the wealth of the nation to be for them and their families, they have successfully succeeded in turning political offices into a platform of advance stealing where they can embezzle money and the next administration will not border to probe them because they also have the same agenda.

Over the years our political leaders has succeeded in recycling of political power and office among themselves,they have even tried to bamboozle us by introducing the policy of ” *too young to run*”, this is a technique employed by this people to kill the consciousness of the youth about contesting for political elections and also to promote recycling of power among them, forgetting the fact that their first taste of power was when there were young.
I sat to think of the meaning of the word *too young to ran* when psychologists had proven that when you are above 50 yrs your level of reasonability start to depreciate, and it’s the able youth with great reasoning power and high level of intelligentsia that can occupy this post and foster a rapid drastic transformation and not stomach infrastructure.

I will like to use this medium to urge the youth of this dispensation not to wallow in the deception that we are too young to ran in political conquest,I will like us to know that political franchise is our right to vote and be voted for from age 18 and above, I will really want all youth to be well equipped with all available weapons not to fight but to agitate for the participation of youth in government and politics not has elections instruments but has offices holders.

In conclusion I will want the able youth and even all Nigeria populist to know that the perception of our foremost nationalist and political leaders had successfully driven us into this misfortune we find ourselves today,
I will like to use this medium to preach and emphasize that the right leadership mindset that anyone aspiring to go into politics and acquire governmental offices *”is not to make a living”* rather *”to make a difference”*,
You have to stage your agenda on the masses favouritism,prioritise your agenda on the welfarism of the citizens and make sure that you are councsious of the fact leadership is just a name and the acceptance by the mass of men give you the tittle, I will also want you to know that equity is the seat of a leader.

You must learn to be controlled by your right will and not the will of the so called godfather and sequel to this I will want you to know that *leadership is the service to humanity and not a service from humanity*, and you must always *”remember that you are not there too just make a living rather you aspire to make a difference”*

If you know the love a Marxist has for the masses you will keep this word in your heart.