Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake up Pretty as a Princess


While you’re sleeping your body is still busy. It is working on all sorts of repairing, rejuvenating and re-energizing processes. So why not harness that power and even help it along. Follow these overnight beauty tips and wake up prettier. A lot of girls, especially if younger girls, worry that their “weird” traits could turn boys away from dating them. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though. If you have weird traits, there are always boys out there who will love you for exactly who you are, even if you don’t think they will! If you have any of these traits, don’t worry about a boy not liking you, because the right one will!
So, you wear your hair long and you always fear of damaging it while sleeping. It’s true that turning over during the night will cause friction that will lead to frizz and breakage. The simple fix is to switch to satin pillowcases because their slippery surface will let your hair to glide all through the night with minimum damage. Sleeping in a loose braid will also help prevent knots in the morning
You really don’t have to do much to have kissable lips a thin layer of almond oil will do the trick. Be sure to apply it be on your lips before going to bed to have soft, smooth lips when you wake up.
Simplify the task of softening your cuticles by rubbing in some coconut oil before you go to sleep. This will keep your cuticles moisturized and strengthen your nails as well.
You can find several eyelash growth serums to buy today, but they may not work and are extremely pricey as well. There’s a simple remedy you can find your pantry. Try castor oil! Yes, you need apply some castor oil to your eyelashes before going to bed at night. You can use a clean Q-tip to dab some castor oil along your top lash line. This will help you have longer and thicker eyelashes in 8 weeks or so. It’s worth trying, especially when it’s free
You already know the trick to have soft feet; here’s how to have soft hands as well. Start by exfoliating your hands with a homemade scrub using brown sugar and olive oil. Now, use vitamin E oil or your regular hand cream to massage your hands. Wear a pair of gloves and go get some shut-eye. You will wake up in the morning with softer, younger looking hands.
Waking up to a radiant glow is not impossible if you’re ready to stick to a special routine. Use vitamin-E oil under your night cream before you go to bed every night. You may also use olive oil and massage it lightly until it penetrates into your skin. Perform this ritual before going to bed every night.
The timing of pimples is just awful they strike you right before a big event. Don’t worry. You can now get rid of pimples simply by dabbing a little toothpaste before you go to bed. Leave it overnight and wash away in the morning to make your breakout less noticeable. Be sure to use paste, not gel.
You may already be slathering on an anti-wrinkle serum or another night cream at night, but using “sleeping masks” may prove even effective. These masks are among the best overnight skin care options. You have to apply the mask over your regular moisturizer to wake up pretty as a princess. Opt for a mask packed with elasticity-building cranberry extract and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated throughout the night.
Are your feet cracked, dry, or calloused? Here is a simple remedy: slather on Vaseline or any thick moisturizer on your feet and wear cotton socks before you go to sleep every night. The socks ensure the moisturizer sticks to your skin and penetrates easily. It’s one of the outstanding overnight beauty treatments for your feet.