Nistech International Schools Inaugurate Prefects


February 10th was one of those historic days in Nistech International Schools as the school hosted both parents and student during the inauguration ceremony of her new prefects. This event which left parents astonished ranging from the full process of democracy introduced in electing the prefects to the outstanding social performances of the students.
The elected prefects were made to go through the usual democratic process campaigning for the election with an instituted electoral body supervising the processes which was a true and fair representation of democracy while the losers accepted the result in good fate unlike the usual war like process in the Nigeria society.
The climax of the event was the swearing in exercise by an appointed justice to administer the oath of office to the incoming prefects who pledged their allegiance to the rules and regulation of the schools and to serve to the best of their abilities.
As it is said work without play makes Jack a dull boy , the dancing floor was thrown open as the student express themselves to the admiration and amazement of their parents while some of them also took their turns in performing various tracks from some popular artists.
Two of the parents that spoke on behalf of others express their gratitude to the school for inculcating the democratic principles in the kids which will make them a better politicians cum leaders tomorrow in any of their chosen career, the school through the principal took time to thank parents for their fervent support to the school while pledging to continue to give nothing but the best to the students.