Handiwork And Dedication Are The ways of Living … Destiny


In this present day of economic recession, loss of jobs and when most young and even the older female folks have taken to various vices in the quest to make ends meet Miss Destiny Afekhuai the Chief Operating Officer of Des’world Beauty Arena said she vowed to succeed through hardwork and remaining focused to her profession. Destiny as popularly known and addressed by her clients, a graduate of Computer Science from National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and NIIT professional with several years of working experience from both local and multinationals companies among on the list includes MTN Nigeria among others believes that success only comes through passion, dedication and off course the grace of God that crowns one’s efforts.

Miss Destiny Afekhuai

She believes that her passion to adding beauty and building confidence among the women folks drove her to the beauty profession and which she remains grateful for the venture as there has been no regret in her over one year of establishment; though unlike many that spent years learning the trade she was privileged to have acquired her knowledge from visiting her aunty who is into the business while growing up and after quitting the white-kola job, her passion made her to proceed for a refresher course to perfect on the trade and today her list of clients include various classes of women in their hundreds.
She said her vision for the business is to expand within and beyond the shores of Nigeria thereby providing jobs for fellow ladies as she expresses her willingness to assist any dedicated and serious minded ladies in acquiring the trade with or without meeting the requirements. She said that her challenges have remained trifling if at all there is any; as technology is playing a great role in helping her to meet up with those things that are supposed to be her challenges. For instance when there is any new style what I do is to get the video and watch it and it is solved.
For businesses big or small, initial capital usually pose threats to commence but she was able to save during her working days and her parents too were supportive in their own little ways which helped to overcome the challenges of start-ups. A different lady from Edo state one will say; where their young girls are known for the urge of travelling abroad at all cost for prostitution and other odd jobs, she agrees that travelling is good but what you will offer when you get there matters rather than prostitution as she reiterated that she plans to travel sometime but to establish her business abroad where opportunities abound to make more money instead of doing odd jobs.
Handiwork is the best way to live for everybody while encouraging both the young and the old to make sure they have a handiwork no matter their profession. She also emphasized that she will never go back to white-kola job for any reason as she is satisfied with the present income from her business which can be improved on.
While reiterating her advice on younger girls to make sure they acquire a trade no matter their course as it will always give them an edge in situations around, she also admonished their lazy living of dependant on boys to get things done while noting that such era is gone and not even fashionable any longer. She affirms that though the economy has been tough on businesses and individuals alike but she has been able to manage it with her customers and it has kept her business above the waters. Des’world specializes in braids, Weaving and Ghana Weaving, Washing and Setting, Nail Fixing, Pedicure and manicure and many more.