DIVORCE! Wisdom To Safeguard Children From Being Scourged By The Beast Of Divorce/Separations permanent/temporary.


Are you a winner? Note, Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. You must not quit this marriage. In fact divorce brings more frustrations and problems. Please do not quench your love for each other. Love (Cover all Wrongs) God bless you.]

My Comment: Powerful! Yes, divorce is a big tear in marriage that leaves families very weak, dysfunctional and mostly porous for the beast of divorce to create Satan’s business office, where it details co-Demons; “demons xyz, keep an eye on their offsprings and make sure their marriages get scattered too.”

DIVORCE! Wisdom To Safeguard The Children! (Conclusion)
Couples who have had a marriage breakdown (divorced/temporarily packed out/separated) should,

1). Live right with God. Stay in fellowship to build enough spiritual strength that will enable complete forgiveness of their spouses (…processing their past).
2). Seek God’s face concerning their children’s future marriages, through fasting and prayers.
3). They should humble themselves to go learn from those whose marriages have passed through rough terrains, and are gloriously standing on how to manage the problems with their kids. Many owners of businesses are poor managers in their homes; You can also learn from single parents who have processed their mistakes, and are been used of God to help provide healing to those who have been battered spiritually, emotionally and physically too.
4). Confess to their kids any mistake they made that resulted to their own marriage failure; Let the kids know how and why they shouldn’t make the same errors; many parents are ashamed to tell their kids how they missed it, and they leave them to learn from the many corrupt persons outside;
5). Pray deliverance prayers for their children in order to separate/break the yoke of the familiar spirits of marriage failure trailing them;
6). Keep speaking the right words of prophecy over their children when they go out and when they come in;
7). Show them love And be careful of not transferring any aggression on their kids. They shouldn’t be too rigid and harsh on them. They should correct them on the basis of God and His Word, much more than just because of family name. God is bigger than family name!
8). Never abuse/speak evil of their father/mother, whether in front of the children or not; knowing fully that whatever happens to their father or mother (though they may not be living together) will still be the concern of the children, even if it’s only one parent who suffer/expend financially in raising the kids.
9). Have a spiritual mentor who can help you through counselling, and provide wisdom whenever some little challenges are stirred in between you and the mother or father of your kids.

No matter the court ruling against/in favour of any parent as regards who takes custody of the children, divorce or separation will never serve as a means of disowning the children; neither will it biologically or spiritually neutralise the maternal or paternal DNA of the children. So, one parent shouldn’t poison the heart of any of their children against their absconded/divorced/separated father or mother. Never make them hate their father or mother for any reason, because they will end up handling you same! After all you are not perfect and you will make some mistakes too! The children shouldn’t be used as a tool of revenge against the other parent. TRUST GOD TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR KIDS, EVEN IF THE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE SADDLED WITH THE CARE OF THE CHILDREN. GOD WILL BE THEIR NURSING FATHER OR MOTHER.

MY PRAYER: O! Lord, help us to love and follow your Word to have direction for our marriage, so that the beast of divorce will be unmasked and chased out of our families, in the Mighty name of Jesus. Help divorced or separated partners not to allow the beast of divorce use the seed of their own mistakes, lies, adultery, anger, pride, love for money, covetousness, bitterness and unforgiveness, to rubish their children’s destiny, in Jesus name. Help us all to live the life that will only glorify you, in Jesus name.

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