The Challenge of being an Entrepreneur and a Parent*


Parents are gods.

Entrepreneur are creative gods.

Only gods can do what parents do for their wards and that’s why the average person out there thinks their own parents are the best in the kingdom of biological caregivers

The undying love of an average parent is a mystery that we may not quite grasp before the world is no more. My late mother sent me palm oil and Garri 14 days before her demise. This was a time I should have been sending my mom a regular salary for her up keep. After all I was already a proud occupant of a 2 room apartnemt in the heart of Oshodi, striving to survive with my fledgling Printing Business, having one eye marriage.

Parents are the greatest type of entrepreneurs God has gifted the world as an archetype of creativity and development. Two strangers coming together with an MOU and MOA to raise a new set of human species that will in turn perpetuates the cycle of humanity while making the world a better place.

I’m sure you have seen those scrap hunting youths with greasy sacks and slimy clothes without a care as they go about their businesses in and out of smelly dump sites, striving to survive. They create a subsistence life out of wastes and nothingness.

They don’t give a damn what you think about them in as much as they ain’t begging nor stealing to live

Ever heard of that pidginal saying that ‘Monkey no fine, but him Mama like am? That’s how awesome parents are? Mothers are obsessively committed to their wards irrespective of disability or disposition. Fathers won’t denied their own children irrespective of natural weaknesses and disadvantages, but he kept labouring and investing on his wards even though he knows ROI is naturally uncertain because of his scions indisposition.

Of course prodigal parents abound out there to whom parenthood is a cultural rote foisted upon us by nature and breaking the norm of siring “kids”is anathema to their ancestors.

Even stubborn animals like goats care for their kids that humans may eventually turn to Isi Ewu and pepper soup

Uncaring Parents are an aberration and rebellion against the order of the Creator God.

Even in the rumble of the Jungle full of predators you still see weaker animals laying down their lives to defend their young ones.

Naturally animates creatures fall in love with anything that is a byproduct of their own selves be it idea or babies.

Exactly the same way those smelly dump sites entrepreneurs seem used to that indigent and unhealthy situation as if their lives only depend on that one discovered means of survival.

Some of us are double entrepreneurs; Idea Cultivators and Babies Nurturers.This is no mean feat at all. It’s even more difficult when either or both ventures are proving insolvent due to unseen forces and circumstances beyond our control.

It takes a lot of Faith to become a ParentPreneur or BusinessPreneur. One must alwways count the cost before embarking on the voyage that is often strewn with wirh hoos and hahs of perils and incidentals unprepared for.
All entrepeneurs, wether.single or doubles, taking care of a business or children often have high hopes for tommorow despite the inevitable disappointments that often snipe at our heels.

Encourage an enttrepeneur today with a smile or word of encouragement,especially those minding businessses with one hand and tending babies with the other.

I salute all nigerian entrepreneurs, you have walked through the needles eyes, skated on thin ices and fligh paper kites in a hurricane withuout geting drowned .

Better days ahead.