Alimosho will only develop the day son of no-body becomes chairman without the help of any god-father


HON. LAWAL SAHEED ABIODUN aka Omo-West a Masters holder in Marketing Management bears his mind in this interview with our correspondent on his aspiration as the Alimosho LG Chairman, his views on the election and his deliverable in his first term in office.

Can we meet you sir?

My name is Honourable Lawal Saheed Abiodun, the Peoples; Democratic Party’s Chairmanship candidate for the forthcoming Local Government elections.

How much do you know Alimosho LG and what is your acceptance like going into the election?

I was born and brought up here in Alimosho so I know quite a lot about Alimosho. My acceptance rate is very high going by the responses we (my team and I) are getting; the truth is that people of Alimosho Local Government are tired of imposition into political offices as this has remain the major cause of poor development in Alimosho. People want the true change and it starts by breaking the holds of “godfathrism” through the votes. Alimosho will only develop the day son of no-body becomes chairman without the help of any god-father and I think the pendulum is swinging to my direction.

What are your strategies to attract investment and development into Alimosho?

The truth of the matter is that time has fast gone when people wait for the government to bring development to then, what we are going to do is to create an enabling environment for businesses in terms of improving on the security of lives and properties, we will empower residents by the provision of loan facilities at a little or no interest rate and review some of the rates that are imposed on our people, more so, as the third tier of government closer to the people we will be liaise with other tiers of government for some tax reliefs to investors and businesses within Alimosho local government.

The government of Mr Akinwunmi Ambode is already doing that through the LSETF?

That idea came from the PDP Lagos State Chairman Otunma Segun Adewale popularly call Aeroland, he has be empowering people for many years now through his program AWAKE, he has been giving loans to people with no interest rate just to empower them.

So you intend to replicate that?

Off course, it will be better managed at the local government level; mind you the local government are much closer to the people than other tiers of government.

On infrastructure what will you do to improve the lives of your people when elected into office?

Like I said before when you asked me my knowledge of Alimosho, there are points that have been very problematic to residents and businesses in Alimosho amongst are Jimoh, Micom bus tops and others I will make sure that in my first tenure in office that we proffer solution to the constant flooding of these places and other areas to within Alimosho LG and off course the maintenance of the inner roads will be priority.

How would manage your position with that of Alausa considering your party as an opposition in Lagos State?

What matters is to serve the people and for me I do not have any issue with the governor so we should be able to work not minding the party differences.

Why I asked that question is because today we do not have opposition due to the decampment of majority of some candidates that won the House of Assembly election under the PDP to the APC?

I will remain in PDP no matter what happened for those that decamped, it’s their choices and they have made it but for some of us who understand the principles of the game call politics we will remain where we are. Thank God for the leadership we have in Lagos today under Otunmba Segun Adewale who has demonstrated his steadfast and loyal to his party PDP for many years now despite all he has gone through. That is the principle of the game! You don’t jump boat just because of the wind then what will you do when the storm comes. I will be the last man standing in PDP no matter what happens.

Hon. Lawal Saheed Abiodun
Hon. Lawal Saheed Abiodun

What is your assessment of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode administration so far in Alimosho?

I would not want to join issues with anybody

What will be your agenda as Alimosho LG Chairman?

You will agree with me that it won’t be nice to start saying those things now, however our main focus will be to on five major areas which include Health, Security, Education, Infrastructure and Empowerment of the people. These areas have been well evaluated by my team and we have solutions to proffer once we get to the office.

In your first 100 days in office what do we expect to see?

I won’t give you a list right here but I am giving you my words that a lot will be achieved in my first 100days in office as the Chairman of Alimosho LG.

Can I ask you again, did you say your administration will check the flooding of Micom and Jimoh bus stops?

In my first term in office I am giving you my words that the current flooding at any drop of rain at those points will be fixed.

Honourable, before we leave what are your words to the electorates in Alimosho LG?

My candid advise to all eligible voter in Alimosho is not make sure their votes count at this election as that is the only weapon we have to effect the desired change we need in Alimosho, let us not allow those that will be working in the interest of few to continue their oppressions on us, Alimosho can only get better when son of no-body becomes a leader without any godfather. With God on our side it will be victory for all.